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Downloads section temporaly unavaible
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Posted by ultrastarsongs-admin on Friday, October 10 @ 16:50:57 CEST (120121 reads)
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Upload section updated: New upload tool
Now, we can use a new upload tool (Jar file -Fileuploader-) to upload files bigger than 7mb directly to the server. So we avoid big delays in the indexing process. We hope you enjoy it and if you have some problem or suggestion, post it in the forum.
Posted by ultrastarsongs-admin on Monday, September 29 @ 01:57:30 CEST (30302 reads)
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A new member in the Ultrastarsongs' TEAM
Since now, we have a new member who will moderate our forum: sgandtg (many know him). We wish him good luck and we thank him for his cooperation without which this page would not have become what it is today.
Posted by ultrastarsongs-admin on Monday, July 14 @ 00:57:42 CEST (26821 reads)
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- Winners May 2008 -
None of the winners claim his/her prize then we have repeated the raffle.

Winners of a temporal VIP Account are: adolera, ersill, juanplata019 and john11. Winners must request the VIP Account (1 month like VIP user) from Webmaster Feedback.
Posted by ultrastarsongs-admin on Thursday, June 05 @ 16:19:39 CEST (25602 reads)
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- Winners of the raffle: May 2008 -
Winners of a temporary VIP Account (1 month) are: lillen, sentientred, LochDezz, Dark_Trin. They must request his/her prize by Webmaster form (Link). Congratulations.
Posted by ultrastarsongs-admin on Monday, May 26 @ 01:02:46 CEST (28596 reads)
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